Updated on 23/01/2024

Jass is a popular Swiss card game played across the country and in Swiss communities in all corners of the world.  For many years Canberra had a strong Jass playing community, meeting fortnightly as part of Canberra Swiss Club activities.  These social gatherings have culminated in a ‘Jass Tournament’ at the end of the year. 

Here are the Jass Rules used in Canberra Jass_Rules_Canberra

Please find here the basic principles of Jass, with rules and other variations of the game:

In recent years and for various reasons, the regular playing nights have come to a halt.  Some members continue playing the game privately, and others would like to continue playing on a regular basis.  If you are interested to either learn or play the Jass game, please contact any of the committee members or write an email to canberraswissclub@gmail.com

If there is enough interest, the committee considers restarting a regular Jass playing event.  Below are the winners of past tournaments.

Results of Jass Tournament 2023

  1. Michael Tabisz – Jass King 2023 (3410 points)
  2. Walter Gaumann (3353 points)
  3. Martina Hoffmann (3242 points)

Results of Tournaments 2021 and 2022 were not available.

Results of Jass Tournament 2020

  1. David Horsfall Jass King 2020 (3642 points)
  2. Andreas Luzzi (3450 points) 
  3. Peter Zimmermann (3318 points)

Results of Jass Tournament 2019

  1. Fredi Uhr – Jass King 2019 (3487 points) 
  2. Anna Cowan (3466 points) 
  3. Chris Heiniger (3450 points)

Results of Jass Tournament 2018

  1. Anna Cowan – Jass King 2018 (3452 points)
  2. Christian Stricker (3188 points)
  3. Carole Hoffmann (3171 points)