ass is a popular Swiss card game played across the country and in Swiss communities in all corners of the world.  For many years Canberra had a strong Jass playing community, meeting fortnightly as part of Canberra Swiss Club activities.  These social gatherings have culminated in a ‘Jass Tournament’ at the end of the year. 

Here are the Jass Rules used in Canberra Jass_Rules_Canberra

Please find here the basic principles of Jass, with rules of other variations of the game:

In recent years and for various reasons, the regular playing nights have come to a halt.  Some members continue playing the game privately, and others would like to continue playing on a regular basis.  If you are interested to either learn or play the Jass game, please contact any of the committee members or write an email to canberraswissclub@gmail.com

If there is enough interest, the committee considers restarting a regular Jass playing event.  Below are the winners of past tournaments.

Results of the Tournaments 2021 and 2022 were not made available.

Results of Jass Tournament 2020

1. David Horsfall – Jass King 20203642 points
2. Andreas Luzzi3450 points
3. Peter Zimmermann3318 points

Results of Jass Tournament 2019

1.Fredi Uhr – Jass King 20193487 points
2.Anna Cowan3466 points
3.Chris Heiniger3450 points

Results of Jass Tournament 2018

1.Anna Cowan – Jass King 20183452 points
2.Christian Stricker 3188 points
3.Carole Hoffmann 3171 points

Updated on 4/07/2023