Below are various documents that may be useful to members free to download. 

50 Years of Canberra Swiss Club

2017 Anniversary brochure: Program_Birthday_Party_v09 


Älplermagronen_v02 – by Priska Studer

BierBrezel – by Werner Albrecht

Chaeschuechli – by Lina Schlager

Fastnachtchuechli – by Alice Bruengger

Kartoffelauflauf_Berner_Art – by Priska Studer

Quiche – by Lina Schlager

Ravioli – (source unknown)

Ravioli_sauces – (source unknown)

Rüeblitorte – by Alice Bruengger

Schinkegipfeli – by Priska Studer

Spaetzli – by Werner Albrecht

Sushi – by Julie Buettikofer

Zopf – by Alice Bruengger

Updated on 20/11/2021