Choir News

Updated on 21/03/2024

The Choir has resumed activities in February 2024, although in a lesser capacity for the time being. 

Due to changed circumstances, formal rehearsals have been cut back to once per month. These rehearsals are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at the Keller of the Harmonie German Club Narrabundah. Geoff (conductor) and Linus (accompanist) will continue to guide the choir on its musical path. 
Rehearsal dates for March to June are: 
March 26
April 23
May 28
June 25

Sing-along Group
The reduced commitment by the formal Choir has opened an opportunity for a newly formed ‘Sing-along Group’ led by Charles. This group meets at the Harmonie German Club on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:15 to 7:30. This informal group of singers works without the guidance of conductor Geoff and accompanist Linus. 
Rehearsal dates for the Sing-along group are: 
April 9
May 14
June 11

Planning of choir activities for 2024 is ongoing. This includes assessing where the choir is at, and where it is headed. We welcome new singers joining our choir. 

Auditions are not required, but all prospective new singers should submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ which will then be reviewed by the choir management. This will help us build a balance in our ‘mixed-voice’ Choir.  

If you are interested to join the choir, we look forward to hearing from you. All communications will be acknowledged. 

Please fill in and return an ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST‘.
Cathy Schmidli (coordinator of the Choir) will get back to you with more details. 

The risk of Covid infection is ongoing. We strongly encourage participating singers to be fully vaccinated. Social distancing rules are still in place, so please read the 1-page pdf document below.  The Covid guidelines are based on the Harmonie German Club’s Covid Plan with general recommendations for choirs added. Thank you.